No experience necessary

  • Sitting figure

  • T-shirt wrap technique

  • Bring 100% white cotton t-shirt, roll of inexpensive tin foil and your lunch

  • All other supplies are provided

  • $110


  • Prerequisite of introductory class

  • Smooth body technique using Paverpol, Wrappers and Paverplast

  • Standing figure with supports, no more uni-boobs!

  • Bring roll tin foil, couple t shirts

  • Any embellishments of your choice (ie) small jewelry, doilies

  • $115

  • Prerequisite of introductory class and intermediate class

  • Various techniques using Paversand, Art Stone, Stockinette, Relief Decoration, 

  • Bring a roll of inexpensive tin foil 

  • Natural embellishments you may wish to use on your figure

  • Dates to be determined

  • $135

  • An afternoon or evening class of 2 hour duration

  • Private classes available - contact me for details

  • Fairy house, elegant lady, book/girl sitter,doily flower pot, steampunk trees, garden gnomes, jewelry, wine cuffs, abstract birds are a few of the possible items to create in this class.  Item to be created will be advertised on my website.  

  • Guests bring own sip of choice, everything else provided for you to create a beautiful piece of art to take home

  • you may bring embellishments such as doilies or jewelry of your own if you desire

  • $55.

  • Dates and locations to be determined

  • Prerequisite of introductory class, an intermediate class would be helpful

  • Two rolls of tin foil

  • 3 or 4 large t shirts or 2 meters of 100% cotton t-shirt fabric

  • You may also bring doilies, jewelry or scarf, etc to add if you want

  • Completed lady is 40" - 48" tall

  • Full day class and half day to allow drying overnight, finish embellishments, hair, paint, etc

  • Bring your own lunch

  • $200

  • Prerequisite of introductory class

  • Bring 2 - 3 100% cotton t-shirts, any color,  2 rolls tin foil

  • Completed heron is approx 4’ - 4 1/2 ' tall

  • Bring your lunch

  • Full day class and overnight to allow drying and maybe finish details (ie) feet, eyes, etc

  • $200


This is a new class offering -students bring their ideas and brainstorm how to create their piece.  Pre-requisite is an introductory class as this will be the foundation to expand your creativity.  When you register for this class, I will discuss with you what is required to complete the project and the cost.