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Sip & Sculpt Night
Garden Lady
Blue Heron
 Erna Honeyman - was born and raised in Brandon and area. I began at an early age working with fabric such as embroidering on tea towels, progressing to a seamstress making clothes for myself, my children, friends and grandchildren.  In my professional life of mental health nursing, a form of diversion was ongoing creativity in learning to weave, needlepoint, stained glass and painting to name a few of the many I have tried.  For many years, I was in the direct selling industry, creating and selling home decor items.  My retired life has allowed me to travel extensively and to explore different types of art options.  Most recently, I have taken my passion for working with fabrics into sculpting statues with a weather resistant textile hardener.  This product turns mediums into "rock hard" creations that are incredibly durable and may be placed in your outdoor patios and gardens throughout the year.  This interest has taken me to becoming a Certified Paverpol Instructor in 2016 and sharing with many participants in southwest Manitoba.
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